PI Conference 2020

PIC 2020: Up For Change... virtually!

room Live Virtual Event

  • 08:00

    Log onto the PIC 2020 Virtual Conference

    GMT 08:00   //   HKT 16:00   //   ET available on demand

  • 08:45
    Opening of the PI Conference and Chair welcome remarks

    GMT 08:45 // HKT 16:45 // ET available on demand

    Simona Foglia
    Simona Foglia COO, CO-Head, Perfect Information
    Raouf Fria
    Raouf Fria MD, CO-Head , Perfect Information
  • 09:00
    A global round up

    GMT 09:00 // HKT 17:00 // ET available on demand

    It has been a year of ups and downs and everything in between. The markets have experienced unprecedented challenges and conditions - but it hasn't all been bad news. Join us as we look at the global landscape within the M&A, fixed income and private markets up until the end of Q3 2020 and explore what the predictions are for 2021.

    Josh Friedman
    Josh Friedman Global Head of Restructuring Data , Debtwire
  • 09:30
    How to create an environment of Psychological Safety for your teams

    GMT 09:30 // HKT 17:30 // ET available on demand

    Based on the findings of Google’s “Project Aristotle” a list of 5 key dynamics that make great teams was produced and Psychological Safety is at the top!

    It is where team members feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable in front of each other.

    At the end of this hour you will walk away with:

    • An understanding of the definition of Psychological Safety and why it’s so important in building high performing teams
    • Knowledge of 3 practical things you can to do to build Psychological safety in your teams – how to have healthy conflict, how to create a personal responsibility culture (instead of a blame culture) and how to create a safe environment by leading by example.
    • Actions around what you will do to create Psychological Safety in your own teams/ organisations
    • Links to further resources to support you

    This masterclass will be made interactive using the chat box, polls, and live quizzes.

  • 10:30

    Reflection and Reset Break

  • 11:00
    Tech round-up: friend or foe

    GMT 11:00 // HKT 19:00 // ET 06:00

    Are AI, Robotics and Automation really a threat to our industry? A global look at what markets, industries and practices are affected, enhanced or threatened by these three areas of tech.

    Ryan Terpstra
    Ryan Terpstra Chief Technology Officer, Acuris
  • 11:45
    Making business mindful

    GMT 11:45 // HKT 19:45 // ET 06.45

    Scientific research has shown that practicing some mindful techniques generates the space that enables leaders, teams, employees and organizations to create an innovative culture and mindset based on flexibility, resilience, change management and constant renewal.

    Mindfulness is a proven methodology for stress management that in current VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environments is one of the key inhibitors to support leaders' potential exploitation and organizational evolution.

    The same mindful core principles can be applied at a company level to address teams and individuals to become more aware of their choices and strengthen their attention, embracing difficulties with an open mind.

    During this session:

    • You’ll explore those principles that create a Mindful Business
    • Through some practical exercises you will discover ways to cultivate both your own presence and generate space for higher quality thinking and engagement with managers, teams and staff to perform better.
  • 12:45
    Global networking

    GMT 12:45 // HKT 20:45 // ET 07.45

    Facilitated by the PI team, this speed networking session will form virtual round tables (random selection) and encourage sporadic conversation - something that is few and far between in this virtual world.

  • 13:45
    A-synchronous communication in a Covid world

    GMT 13:45 // HKT 21:45 // ET 08:45 

    In the past few months we all have had to adjust to a new way of living, and we had to do that quickly. Working from home is probably the biggest and most sudden change we have had to face so far. Adapting to it has been very hard for many people, but working remotely doesn’t necessarily have to be a challenge: it can actually be seen as an opportunity, mostly in the corporate world.

    If the new Covid reality has taught us something, it is that we don’t necessarily need to be in the same office to work together. We don’t need to be in the same country, nor in the same time zone. We don’t even need to actually work all at the same time.

    There are obviously a few ‘cons’ to this but there are also several ‘pros’.

    • We’ll go through them together and see what’s needed to make it work and adapt accordingly.
    • Great communication, strong leadership and good flexibility are the key factors.
    • Being more inclusive and scheduling "ad hoc" and "water cooler talks".
    • We’ll explore them all and see how to master A-Synchronous Communication.
  • 14:45
    Information apprenticeships

    GMT 14:45 // HKT 22:45 // ET 09:45

    Organisations are currently paying apprenticeship levies as standard… can this be your opportunity to maximise on this by taking on industry grade candidates?

    Jo  Cornish
    Jo Cornish Head of Sector Development, CILIP
  • 15:15
    Change management and scenario planning

    GMT 15:15 // HKT available on demand // ET 10:15

    A one-hour Masterclass, where you will explore:

    • How to survive and thrive in the age of global unpredictability?
    • How should strategic planning evolve when what’s possible has replaced what’s probable in our contingency plan?

    This session will give an overview on the fundamentals of scenario planning and discuss the trade-off between efficiency and optionality in and post Covid-19 pandemic times.

  • 16:15
    Remote recruitment: leading into onboarding and integration

    GMT 16:15 // HKT available on demand // ET 11:15

    Recruiting remotely presents obvious challenges. This session seeks to address:

    • The pros and cons of remote recruitment.
    • Using technology to humanize the hiring process.
    • The art of asking the right questions.
    • Creating the best first impression for candidates.
  • 16:45
    ESG - building a methodology and standardising impact measurement

    GMT 16:45 // HKT available on demand // ET 11:45

    What was once thought of as a "buzz word" or an acronym, has now risen to represent the three most important pillars of sustainable investment. What are the key points within the ESG evaluation that indicate the the quality of an investment from a sustainability perspective and its associated risks?

    Raouf Fria
    Raouf Fria MD, CO-Head , Perfect Information
  • 17:15
    A day in the life of a knowledge & information professional in 2021

    GMT 17:15 // HKT available on demand // ET 12:15

    This interactive session will draw on the emerging themes of the conference and look at a day in the life of a knowledge & information professional in 2021.

  • 17:45

    PIC 2020 Closing Remarks

    Simona Foglia
    Simona Foglia COO, CO-Head, Perfect Information
    Raouf Fria
    Raouf Fria MD, CO-Head , Perfect Information